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About Unilever Iran

Unilever began importing products into Iran in 2001. In 2003 it got registered as Unilever Iran legal entity and started its official business with 5 employees.



Unilever Iran established its factory in Qazvin in the same year. Production line began operating in 2005 with the production of Lux soap. Production of Sunsilk and Clear shampoos as well as Signal and Close up and Lipton tea followed. Today, Unilever Iran has 375 employees. At present, Lux soap, tea, and home care products (Cif, Domestos) are being produced in the factory.


Unilever Iran has embedded sustainability and social responsibility through its brands. For example the Domestos School Hygiene Project run in close partnership to raise awareness of proper hygiene practices among school children.


In 2016, Unilever Iran opened its new Head Office in Tehran. The inauguration ceremony took place on October 22, 2016 with the present of our CEO, Paul Polman. The new head office is designed with eco-friendly features and has received the Green Office award of gold (level 1). In addition, our factory in Qazvin achieved Green Industry award for its environment saving actions in 2014 including zero landfill solutions.

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