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AXE launches new variants and new concepts in Iran, in-line with the global marketing strategies every year. We’ve deployed various marketing and communication tools to recruit Iranian guys:

AXE Mix was a digital music platform, launching in 2012, allowing guys to make their own music mixes and add in AXE “spray” sounds.
Later in 2013, AXE Apollo was launched with and online campaign, supported by an effective guerilla marketing approach: the astronaut from AXE Space Academy in Tehran. The astronaut was present during two important derby matched and with the TV exposure, AXE set the bar for PR so high.
In 2014, AXE Dark & Gold Temptation were launched with a casual mobile game, engaging guys with the brand.
Being is famous for over the top and loud campaigns, but in 2015, AXE had a big image shift: AXE Black invited guys to be understated, to be subtle, and to be themselves. To communicate this new message to the Iranian youth, and support pop music in Iran, we invited Sirvan Khosravi as the brand ambassador to hold the first unplugged concert in Iran. AXE helped both the artist to perform in this magnificent concert, and the fans to experience a new approach in Iran’s music scene.

Driven by the success of AXE Black platform, as AXE Black Night was launched in 2016, we continued our journey with Sirvan Khosravi. After successfully communicating with Sirvan Khosravi’s fans it was time to reach to a wider audience engaging more of music fans with a theme of “Unforgettable Nights”. We wanted to continue our support for the music scene in Iran, so we invited 3 famous Iranian DJs to produce remixes of Sirvan’s hit “Bazam Betab”. The fans could listen to their favorite song with a new twist and enjoy yet another amazing concert with the help of AXE.

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