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Scalp care now feels beautiful with CLEAR™.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to scalp care. That’s why CLEAR™ cares for the entire spectrum of concerns and provides total scalp solutions – no dryness*, no grease build-up*, no visible flakes**. After all, a well-nourished scalp is an essential foundation for hair full of strength and beauty.

CLEAR™ scalp solutions

Deeply nourish with CLEAR™ for a healthier feeling scalp with regular use. The expert range consists of five targeted shampoo and conditioner systems including: Complete Scalp Care Anti-Dandruff, 24/7 Total Care, Hydration Fix, Color & Heat Conqueror and Extreme Damage Relief. All CLEAR™ products are formulated with Nutrium 10™, a rich blend of nutrients that nourish three layers deep*** and replenish the scalp, making it feel healthy.

Coupled with a bold, beautiful look and delightful fragrance, women no longer have to comprise their femininity for optimal scalp care.

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