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“Beauty” – as an inseparable part of nature- has always been a humane concern, and a source of influence.

In lack of media, the beauty criteria were defined based on a land’s genetic, social and cultural attributes and customs: the framework of beauty was not an imposed structure and in the big picture it took form with roots in status quo. But gradually with the empowerment of media the stereotypes and clichés of beauty began to reign and the definition of beauty changed day in and day out: a redefinition that has no roots in a land’s coordinates. It is imposed via an exotic framework within the power of huge corporate media. This wave encourages the audience to conform to the new standards and redefine their perception of beauty on this basis.
Through voicing the idea of “real beauty”, Dove is seeking to break the norms of this media-based redefinition of beauty and encourage the audience to adopt and promote the historical and most humane untainted perception of beauty. Dove tries to define beauty as a personal concept upon which every woman can redefine her own beauty based on her own thoughts, away from race, age, color, bodily figure, and sociocultural obligations.
The campaign “Tell Her She Is Beautiful” was Dove’s first step in Iran, focused on conveying this free framework. There was no context more powerful than the mother-daughter emotional bond to deliver the Dove’s message to the community of Iranian women.
The daughters deem their mothers as their heroes, and this leads them to see more of a sense of perfection and beauty (and not the shortcomings) in their mothers; whilst no compliment can make a mother internally happier than the praise that comes from her children.
The point is that so many daughters, preoccupied with daily businesses and concerns, forget to directly show their feelings towards their mothers, and at the same time so many mothers have forgotten about their beauty by the passage of time. They do not know the feelings of their daughters to them, and see themselves as different from what their children really think and feel about them.
Conducting the aforementioned campaign, Dove attempted to do a flip, and make both sides of this relationship aware of the role of the other side in their lives.
It reminded daughters that away from age and bodily features, their mother is still the champion of their lives, and simultaneously via receiving the daughters’ explicit feeling, tell mothers that their daughters perceive more of a perfect and flawless facet of them, and describe them as “beautiful”. Far passed the borders of superficial beauty, these two topics focus on a deeper perception of beauty, hence Dove accompanies Iranian women through this journey towards “Real Beauty”

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