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Rexona is World’s number one antiperspirant, also a very well-known name among Iranian target audiences, with a very simple message, “inviting to move forward and feel more alive”. The goal is to protect and keep body fresher with every move.

There is no doubt that Youth are main target audiences with such inspiring and ambitious concept. Youth who born and live in a digital age with access to a world of information with just a few clicks. They have their own unique media habits, insights, wants and demands. They are smart, well familiar with technology and social media.
Therefore, the key to build a successful emotional bounding with the target audiences is to understand people with their new characteristics, attitudes and point of views.
Rexona decided to run a digital program according to latest Iranian target audiences’ digital media habits. The best opportunity was, RIO 2016, Olympic games. The brand planned to provide contents, which matches people’s enthusiasm toward the world’s most important athletic event. The whole project was launched on digital platforms, Instagram and Telegram, with real time content providing from the event, for the first time in Iran. The goal was to make a modern way that all Iranians can access to Olympic events with just a click. Information was available on smartphones with any type of data roaming network.
Rexona not only provided access to all Olympic games, but also provided exclusive digital materials for the project, interviews with Iranian Olympic athletes, a journalist in rio to engage users with the atmosphere.
The projects was being held for 22 days, with 15 exclusive interviews (10 min videos each) with Iranian Olympic athletes, 600 of contents provided for Instagram and Telegram, that resulted in 30million overall view.

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